A New Monotonic, Clone-Independent, Reversal Symmetric, and Condorcet-Consistent Single-Winner Election Method (PDF) (draft July 02, 2012)
Free Riding and Vote Management under Proportional Representation by the Single Transferable Vote (PDF) (draft March 14, 2011)
Implementing the Schulze STV Method (ZIP) (draft April 08, 2013)
A new MMP Method (PDF) (draft March 28, 2008)
A new MMP Method (Part 2) (PDF) (draft August 04, 2008)
Schulze-Methode - ein Beispiel für eine gerechte Wahl? (PDF)
Election Systems 101 (Rev. C) Originally presented at SWUUSI 2004 (PDF)
Descriptions of single-winner voting systems (PDF)